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Trek Liquid 25 vs Yeti 575 Disc

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Currently trying to decide between the Liquid 25 for $1700 or the 575 Disc for $1800. Both have been getting excellent reviews and both fit my style of riding well. I've owned several Trek's and am coming off a 01 Fuel 90, great experiences with the company and love the security of the lifetime waranty. The Yeti seems like an incredible bike and I'm able to get it for a great price, a little worried about it being a first year model but the five year warranty comforts me. Similar componets and weight (Yeti seems slightly better in both) but completely different suspension designs. Anyone have the opportunity to test both the Liquid and the 575 on the trail? I'm able to ride both but just for 15 minute spins around the LBS area, not on trails, both fit very well. For what it's worth I'm leaning towards the Yeti right now. Thanks for any advice/comments!
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catch22 said:
575 Disc for $1800.
That is a nice price. Can I get one?
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