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Trek GF 29er 15.5 frame size and no toe overlap? And is my height enough for 29er?

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I'm new to 29ers, but not new in cycling (both road and XC). I'm thinking of getting myself a 29er, but don't know if it's good idea for my height - I'm 171cm or 5 '7". Do you think it's enough? I will not race this bike, it will only do some trail rides.

I can have a good deal on 2011 Trek X-Caliber, but I hate toe overlap which happens on smaller frames and could be a significant problem on 29er. So I would like to ask owners here if there is a toe overlap with 15.5" Trek 29ers geometry. Could anyone post a side view pic of this bike in this size? Would be great.
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I ride with a woman who is 5'5" and rides a 15.5-inch HiFi. No toe overlap issues. She barely clears the top tube, but loves the bike.

Go test ride one and see. Everyone is different. But at 5'7", it's doable.
I'm 5'7" with a inside leg of 29" an ride a 15.5 GF superfly 100 fits nice and no toe overlap probs for me :)
I am 5 foot 7 as well and have been on a GF HI FI Pro for over a year. No toe overlap problems. I keep the cleats pretty far back and am still fine.

One other to think about that helps as well is using 170 mm cranks. Due to short legs I switched to shorter cranks and this helps with the overlap as well as a better pedaling motion for me.
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