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Trek 8000

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I am just wondering if the trek 8000 is worth 1000 dollars
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You pay for the name, but its still nice

I ride a 4900 and have been looking at a bunch of different bikes to replace it with, both HT and full suspension. I'm definitely not going with Trek because you pay more because of the name then you would for a comparable Jamis (for instance) bike. The Dakota AL, which I'm also looking at, costs about $1000 and has a full XT drive train and disc brakes, which might make a difference depending on where you live. Even the Cannondale F600, which I test rode today and loved has a slightly better part spec. You should ride a bunch of different bikes at your LBS and see which you like

Personally, I'm undecided between a Jamis XLT 1.0 and a SC Chameleon with a LX build kit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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