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I am new in the mountain bike world so please excuse my ignorance. (and I apologize if this is in the wrong forum).

My budget is around 400 bucks, which leaves me with high end department store bikes or entry level Giant / Specialized from the LBS. Now, I've read all the debate and trust the LSB more. So, instead of new entry level, I was considering used higher level.

So I've been keeping an eye on CL for a decent used bike. Came across a 17.5" Trek 8000 and the guy is asking $300. I'm almost 6' tall (165 lbs) so I guess I should be looking for an 18" to 19". Should I dismiss a 17.5"?

If not, is 300 OBO a good price?

Here is part of the description:

"21 Speed Shimano Quick-Shift; Rock Shox front suspension; Shimano XT and LX components; New Tires and Tubes; Metallic Blue; other custom add ons"

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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