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Trek 8000 Bontrager wheels

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Does anyone have any knowledge concerning the Bontrager model wheels that came with my 2010 Trek 8000. I mostly ride xc and single track. Do you think that they will hold up? Are they considered heavy or should I plan on upgrading sometime in the future? The Fulcrum Red Metal 3's and 5's look nice. Thanks all.
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Not sure which model Bontragers you got with that bike..from what I have read the Bontragers get pretty decent reviews...but wheels are usually the first thing I replace on my bikes...I took the ones of off my Ex8..but while I had them on there they seemed like decent rims...did not care for the hubs though...I kept them as a spare set in case I needed back ups..
HB 525 are the type of hubs they have and the rims are Model SSR Bontrager. Thanks for your reply.
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