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hi there, newbie here from singapore. i have a 1995 trek 800 aluminum mountain track laced with most of the high-end components during that period (i suppose a mavic 231 psp for mtb was up there then). i've been researching on this frame for quite a while. about what you ask? from my lbs here i was told that this 800 aluminum is limited, usually steel, produced for 1 yr only and ceased, that's 1995. question is... did it reach US, or elsewhere? how many could have been produced? can't really find it on the internet websites, forums, marketplace yada yada yada... likewise even trek catalogues that indicates "trek 800 aluminum". this got me interested inspite of the vain search. anyone here has one?

anyways, my rig's still in prestine condition. changed a few like odi lock-on grips, handlebars (finally, it's tetanus safe), syntace stem, chen shin tires and a brooks b17 narrow saddle for that additional touch of vintage.

some cyclist here would say "it looks like junk, lah. sell it and get new one, lor". well to me, they say its wothless but it still serves it's purpose and it sure is priceless

ride safe guys!



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