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Tread for Bootleg?

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I'm getting things lined up for the Valantine's Day DH at Bootleg (and if your spouse won't let you go you should have treated her like every day was Valantine's) and wondered what your opinions were concerning tires for a rider weighing in at about 250lbs?

Currently I run the standard High Roller/Minion setup. Bootleg looks a bit rocky and those threads seem a bit soft.

Thinking of Nevegals because I ride them a lot at National in Phx on a burly hardtail and have never had any type of puncture. But I am more than willing to take advice from those that may know better. Thanks
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Highroller/Minion is pretty common at BC as long as you run dual ply and at least 2.5's. It's amazing just how harsh that place is, even compared to Nat'l or Holbert. It's one of the only places I've gotten pinch flats on both front and rear tires. Ghetto tubeless works quite well for that though...Another tire combo to check into is GEAX; Neuron front, DHEA rear. The DHEA wears a bit fast but it's cheap enough. Sidewalls are very thick and they have lots of air volume.
Any DH casing tire should work fine. When we rode there my friend even had 2.5 single ply intense tires and he did fine with DH tubes. It all depends on how fast you are going through the rough stuff i guess.

a cheap option is to find some of the clearance intense 909 or DH 2 ply's. they were under 20 bucks each and they are big and thick. if you slash them then your not out too much.

tubeless is definately awesome when it comes to bootleg.
make sure you are on 2 ply and run a little more air then normal...grip is really good so you don't need low air pressures
I ran a 2.7 nevegal up front and a 2.5 excavator in the rear at both the races last year. Great combo, but you have to run a little more pressure than normal due to the harsh, sharp rocks. I'm hopin to make it to the race, but im still trying to get over this pesky back injury.
Tubeless is nice, but bring backup tubes. At last year's race I expelled all the air in my compressor swapping out blown tires and had to head down to the bike shop just to get air. It didn't exactly set my mind at ease on race day.
Thanks for the input. I've thought about running 2.7's and may give the nevegals a try.
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