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Have a Travis on for a year .Wana buy a Boxxer Team to make a change.
Think its lighter and would make much difference in my ridding . IM light myself also my rig.
Want to test it and compare it with the Travis.
Then Use one and put the other on another forkless rig for sale.
The only thing frightening me was the Boxxer's outer wich seems to be a little fragile . But i have a spare casing in my store.
So would garantee it for a while.

What do you think .A stinky with a skinny rider wich one works better?

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Boxxer lowers are a non-issue. They're made for DH, they'll stand up to what you ride unless you're rocking roof drops to flat. It's a good fork and you'll really enjoy it.

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Travis takes a lot more maintenance to keep riding smooth than boxxer so I would say maintenance side of things will be a huge improvement. Travis is a SUPER tall fork also because of their reverse arch setup (have to be tall so arch on lower does not contact down tubes on frames. You will notice a much, much lower front end that will make cornering so much nicer, but will be an adjustment if you have grown used to that upright position. Performance and weight, boxxer is a big upgrade as long as 06 or newer, go for it for sure.

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yep. diggin my '09 boxxer team. not a fragile fork at all and quite easy to service with lots of tuneability. lookin fwd to the push mod i plan on for next season along with a tune of my dhx. the stock units are just fine but im a fan of makin them better yet.

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I own a '08 Boxxer World Cup. I got it one of the first shipments of the fork back in '07. I personally ride my Travis Triple Ti more than my Boxxer. I think it tracks better, is more plush and a has a better controlled damper.

I know people will disagree with me, but I have owned 2 of the Travis's and I will be putting a new Dorado on my new DH bike for the simple fact that I love the way the travis rides.
I admit I'm not a huge fan of the axle system, but it doesn't give me any problems so I don't consider that to be a "downside" of the fork.

That being said, I have 3 seasons of ALOT of abuse on my Boxxer. It's seen 20+ races, shuttling many weekends, and lots of freeride/big hit stuff. No complaints. I really enjoy it, I've passed it on to my girlfriends DH bike for her to shred.

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