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Travel Bike Bag

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I am looking for a bag that i can carry my bike in over a airplane trip to vancouver. Last year i just used a bike box, and unfortunatly, i ended up buying a new headset and deraileur because of the stupid airline, so this year i plan on buying a bike bag to hopefully help with the convenience of bringing the bike around, and just protecting it overall. I have looked and all i can find is the dainise travel bag which looks good, but it's only on their site, and doesnt' have any price, where to buy, or purchase information. If someone could please help me with finding a good, decently priced bike bag, and where to buy it, please reply to this thread.

P.S. I have a small banshee(15") with a super t, 26 inch front and 24 inch rear wheels.
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You could buy one of these if you have 500 dollars laying around.
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