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So..I had the chance to go camping with some non-riding friends, and we decided Red Feather Lakes sounded good, so off we headed. I had heard of Killpecker, Lone Pine and Mt. Margaret..but a search came up with Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch..and from their website it looked like a good day was in store..I grabbed a map from the gift shop and headed out the next day. I was dropped of at the TH and was on my own for the day..there are an amazing network of trails up there (alot of deadfall though) ..anyway due to my poor map reading skills I found myself lost a bit..what I didn't realize is there's a Trappers Loop and just Trappers when I came to an intersection that read Trappers/Trappers I thought I was losing my mind a bit and had to do a double take at my after a little route finding I made my way out..good times...anyway here's a few pics.

When I came to this sign..I had already crossed the river three times
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what nice teeth you have
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Really nice!
That river crossing is fun. If your blood isn't pumping from the climb up the hill then it will be by the time you cross that river. That thing is cold!
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