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Hey guys

what do you think of transition bikes?
i was thinking of buying either the tr450 prototype or the you think cove's shocker or std is better?
what do you suggest?
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Having ridden both the Shocker and STD, I ordered a TR450. I was unimpressed with both of Cove's bikes. Granted, they were used so I gave them a little benefit of doubt but they still sucked.

Transition is a great company. They are all great guys and their CS is top notch. I used to own a Vagrant- loved it, now own a Dirtbag- love it even more and have a TR450 on the way.

Can't go wrong with Transition
I've got a blindside(just got the new front triangle today from crash replacement warranty, yeah!!!) and a covert. Solid bikes and an even stouter company. Still bummed on the price point of the TR450, but if you are not racing, I think the blindside is the way to go. I've demo'd the STD, enjoyed it but I still say buy American. (I know they are made in Taiwan). If Tranny wasn't around I'd buy a cove or a turner. The best thing about the blindside is how it can handle it all, Park riding, super gnar, smooth single track all burmed out with jumps, etc. Check out Kranked 7 with Mike Kinradical ripping his blindside! The full length seat tube makes it a freeriders dream to pedal your butt to the top. Slap a totem on there for freeride or a boxxer for a full DH rig. I run a vivid and boxxer setup and it is sick smooth. I'll be posting pics as soon as I get her back from the powder coater. Once you go tranny it's hard to go back:)
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As BWVDubya said, can't go wrong with Transition. Simple, extremely tough and amazing bikes with a great company to back them up.

I don't have a DH/FR bike at the moment, but I have a TransAM, awesome bike. I occasionally ride my cousin's dirtbag and also a great bike. Will try out my local dealer's (personal friend) TR450 soon
If I where buying a new "big" bike today it would be a Blindside. Those bikes ride awesome, they blast through the rough but are still pretty maneuverable and pop off lips well. The pricing seems to be just about right.
Yeah def over the coves. I was really unimpressed with the shocker, although the STD felt similar to the Blindside. I'd get the blindside and save money, have a better bike, and support a better company. As far as the TR, if you're racing, get it. It's such a good price. I love the blindside though...that being said, I'm picking up a TR450, bottlerocket, and ToP in two weeks. For super gnar, i'll use the TR, for pedaling/smoother the BR, and for dj def the ToP. I just love how nimble the BR is. I Think those are all the bikes i'll need in my life
i was looking at the blindside and i also think is a great bike...i will think about them because i dont have the money at the you suggest any freeride bike not so expensive...?
1. Original poster, how old are you, what is your height and weight? Where and what are you planning on riding? This will help us recommend a bike for you.

2. Guys, seriously with the Cove bashing? I've owned two Bottlerockets and a Blindside. I really liked them both and depending on what you want to do with either I would highly recommend both of them. TBC is an awesome company and they have some of the best customer service out there.

That being said, I now own a Cove STD and I like it more than the Blindside. It pedals better, has no brake squat, and is stiffer overall. The STD with and Elka Stage 5 is my favorite freeride setup yet. I've ridden two Shockers, one set up closely to where I would have mine if I owned it and one that was undersprung. The one that was undersprung didn't impress me but the one set up more for my weight was extremely nice. Fast and predictable. A better DH bike than the Blindside IMO.

Not many have ridden the TR450 but those that have rave about it. I don't doubt that it will prove to be an absolutely sick DH race bike. I can't wait to give one a run.

The Shocker will be getting a big makeover in 2011 from what I hear, lower weight and updated geo. I also can't wait for that...

Cove has been just as awesome to deal with as Transition in my experiences. Both companies are run by riders with a passion for this sport that equals my own. That's something you notice the first time you call or e-mail either of them.
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Drumolly, $1500 is about as low as high quality FR bikes get. If you are looking to save some coin, buy used. There are lots of lightly used bikes out there that can be bought super cheap right now. Check the eBay, PinkBike, Mtbr Classifieds, Craigslist etc. If you're patient and save your allowance you should be able to find something sweet. Good Luck!
I have had a bottle rocket for 3 seasons now and it is the best bike I've owned. The great thing about Transition bikes is that all of the bikes are similar in feel. My buddy has a blindside and I took a run on it and it took no time to get used to it as it felt just like my bottle rocket with more travel. Plus as everyone else has said the guys that work there are awesome to deal with. Top notch company.
Yeah, I own a Dirtbag 1st gen and absolutely love. I have email those guys a few times and have had nothing but great experiences with the company. IMO, you can not go wrong with Transition!
T R A N S I T I O N!!!!! ---- been pimpin' em for years. love em... great designs ----
Transitions Rock

I have a Blindside and i have been very happy with it, all i need to do now is learn how to pedal the beast.
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