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Following summit's lead. I posted this in the Transition forum, but i'm too stoked on it, so had to share in here as well.

Just got this built up like a week ago.. only a coupla real rides so far, and it totally rips.

Big thanks to Kyle at Transition for hooking me up with the frame and other goodies, and to John at Bikecology in Marina Del Rey for putting this sucker together.

Frame: 06 Large Dirtbag w/Fox DHX 5.0
Fork: 06 Zoke 66Light ETA
Headset: RaceFace Deus
Brakes: 06 Juicy 7's with 7/7 rotors
Wheelset: TBC Revolution 36mm
Tires: Kenda Nevegal 2.5 front, 2.35 rear
Cranks: Saint 22/32 with RaceFace bash
Rear Der: Sram X.9
Front Der: Sram X-Gen
Shifters: Sram X.9
Chain, Casette: Sram
Bars: RaceFace Diabolus
Stem: Thomson 70mm
Seatpost: RaceFace Diabolus
Seat: WTB speed V
Grips: Lizard Skins Lock ons
Weight: 42.5 lbs


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Brian Peterson said:
Looks good...I am strongly considering one of those for myself.... How does it ride?
dude.. it absolutely kills.

I was kinda concerned with how it would pedal at 42.5 pounds, and all i gotta say is damn! I can climb anything i climb on my hardtail which is a good 12-13 pounds lighter. I'm not gonna set any record times on the climbs but it pedals like a dream for a big bike. A nice platform shock like a DHX eliminates pedal feedback almost completely.

The cockpit is slack and compact, which is sweet if you like the feeling of sitting "in" the bike instead of "on" it. As it is a bigger and heavier bike than my usual ride, the steering is a little slower than I'm used to, and not being used to the longer wheelbase i have to anticipate corners and change my braking patterns just a bit, but with a little time it'll be second nature again. The bike definitely shines on downhill, just laughs at drops ruts rocks and other such mayhem.. you shoulda seen my sh!t eatin' grin this morning on a quick "before work" ride.

Stop strongly considering it, and call Kyle at Transition! You won't regret it!
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