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The same reason people ride across Death Valley. :eek:
The same reason people run across the Sahara Desert. :eek:
The same reason people do Iditabike. :eek:
The same reason people do the GDR. :eek:

They do it to see push the say they did it....and to get away from the same ole going around in circles type races. It's just different.

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Might I suggest......

Eddie O said:
Ack...more registrations before are killing me, but I'm still there.

Just got my Kona Unit 2-9 in this weekend and should have her built by I've got some gearing research to do.

Eddie O
Paddy H ran his 1FG with a 44X16 last year, completing the event in just over 24hrs. Let's see now, for your 29"er just reduce that by 10%, have your knees blessed, and you're good to go! ;) :p :D
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