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Trans Iowa V.2 Q & A

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CLICK HERE to go to the thread started to discuss anything and everything related to the Trans-Iowa V.2 event. Looks like we have a good 29er representation racing again this year
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Cloxxki said:
And how about yourself? ;-)
26er for me. My sponsors products are currently only available in 26er format...accept for Maxxis.
And how about yourself? ;-)
I'm workin' on 'em!

Hey, Cloxxki. I work with Kerkove and another fellow that posts here that goes by "Fuel_95". I have gotten them both thinking that they might like a 29"er, but as Kerkove said, sponsors that don't do the big wheels might frown on him and Fuel_95 for riding the 29"ers. Kerkove is getting a new sponsor, if I'm not mistaken, but Fuel_95 rides for Cannondale.
Hey Ted, thanks for the love man!! I do agree that 29ers have some serious advantages and would be totally stoked at being able to ride one.
Bart Brentjens seems to have used the same bikes as you guys over the years. He has been intrigued by how little kids clean rooty climbs and downhills on obviously mediocre Nishiki Bigfoots. Some research has surely been done at Giant Netherlands at some point. Story goes some tubular wheelsets were involved, as well as a bunch of pinchflatted Dugast tubular tires.
I've offered my help before to get some numbers on paper that would work for the Meastro, but not as much as a reply to my mails.
Athens to me was not just about Meirhaghe not being there to take advantage of the (perfect for the course) 29" Specialized tires, but also about Big Bart messing around on 26" wheels, not making it up steeps that Hermida and Absalon rode. Bart made up 10secs lost each climb on the next DH. I wonder what he'd have done with his finesse on a capable 29"er. The way that course looked to me, I'd be way faster on a 29"er, both up and down, but who am I? 3" taller, 15lb heavier?
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