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Trance XO vs. Fuel EX9

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First, I'm about 5'10" and 250 w/gear. I'm looking at either a Trance XO (that appears to be a demo and a sweet deal!) or a Trek Fuel EX9 (which I can get the same deal on from a different shop). Has anyone ridden both of these and, if so, can you give me a comparison? I have ridden a lower model Fuel, and the ABP and the EVO seem to be up to the challenge of my girth. The Trance was really plush, but that might be due to the suspension not really being tuned the way I would prefer. Coming from a rigid SS, I know the ride will be different. I would be interested in hearing anyone else's impressions... Thanks!:thumbsup:
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have the shop adjust the giant to proper sag for you... then have a ride...

I hear GREAT things about both... but haven't ridden either (or any double squish for that matter)
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