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hi there,

i'm all lined up for a trance x early next year but would like your opinion...

my current bike has an ETT measurement of 600mm which with a 100mm stem (and 635mm bars) provides a fairly comfortable riding position.

current bike's wheelbase is within 5-10 mm of the large trance x

i've ridden another bike with the same wheelbase as the xl trance x and that feels good underneath me, so the question is; should i get a large and run a 100mm stem to recreate the geometry of what i basically ride now (which could be a little more stable at speed )

OR get an xl and run a shorter stem (80-90mm) +/- wider bars to be a little more stable at speed and perhaps open up some more room for adjustment of saddle etc?

i mostly ride technical xc trails and some amateur enduro events.

cheers, loking forward to your opinion.
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