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Trance Questions

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I am thinking of picking up a cheap 2005-2007 model Trance and using it as a bit of a thrash bike.

I was woundering what the maximum size fork I could put on the bike, I am thinking between 130-140mm and would this compromise the frame in anyway?

What are these bikes like for strength? Would it handle drops no bigger than 4 foot and small jumps?

I am just under 5 8" and was thinking of maybe picking up a size 16" - would this be too small for me?
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Those older Trance's are pretty tough! I've given my 06' a beating over the years and still ride pretty good. Although I do maintain my bike a lot.

The Trance frame has a somewhat steep head angle so bumping the travel can sometimes work well with it. BUT - its all preference! Climbing ability definetly is lost in addition to travel symmetry. I ride with a 4-6" (150mm) fork which I enjoy. Although, without an adjustable travel feature, I wouldn't go higher than 5" or 120" (unless its going to be more gravity riden, sure go a bit higher). Theres otheres I've seen in this forum that installed 130mm+ forks on their Trance. Even seen them used in 4x and DJ.

Size small should work okay with you. Try it before you ride it of course.

Hope my input helps a bit.
Just after posting this i found out a friend was selling a medium 2007 frame for very cheap. So i now have a medium, now just got to get some bits to but on it. Reason i was thinking small was the medium top tube looked a bit lonv for the sort of riding i wanted to do on it, but i think i will install a very short stem on it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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