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Trance 2 or Reign 2 ?

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Just trying to get peoples ideas, im looking at the Trance 2 and the Reign 2, im not sure what to get. Ive ridden both and like them. I would use it for xc and dh and freeride etc.
What should i get?
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If you plan on everything, get the Reign. If you plan on mostly XC, get the trance. Another option that fits nicely in between is the Iron Horse MKIII. its a 5" bike using the DW link, which is similar to the Maestro and VPP linkage.

cheers mate yer i think i will get the reign
Good idea let it Reign!!:thumbsup:
Go with the Reign. Its more of a all-around bike compared to the Trance which is more xc
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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