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Training Speed

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I have did lots of running races and triathlons, but haven't seriously competed in any mountain bike races. I'm planning on doing a race series starting the end of next month, which consists of six races. I have been training a lot on mountain, mostly on my single speed, but I realize I probably need to amp up my road riding to be more competive.

I'm trying to get a consensus of how many road miles/mt bike miles is decent for amateur racer? What is a decent average speed on the road bike, say for a 30-50 mile ride?
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speed is highly variable depending on a lot of conditions, so its hard to make comparisons and say you'll do well, or wow you're slow you have a lot of work to do.

in florida (flat), with no wind, on a group can ride around pretty fast regardless of who you are.
in colorado (mountains), on a windy day, can go nowhere fast while putting in a ton of effort.
Ride as hard as you can, as often and as long as time allows, throw in a couple of rest days now and then.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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