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new specialized enduro :)
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I was in Canada for 3 months on student exchange and I've just come back to Sydney (and sunshine!:cool: ) But sadly after Canada my usual trails (Cascades, Pipeline and Two Creeks) are starting to look abit old. Where is the best mountain biking between Chatswood and Hornsby - espescially any singletrack (damn after effects of visiting Canada:madman: )

I'm still too young to get a car (sooo close though!) So I'm pretty much confined to the local area.

Thanks in advance for the locations!

Get your freak on!
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Find yourself the a small book called '50 of the best tracks in sydney' or something of that name... You should be able to find a copy at BA, SIC or other near shops.. Has detailed routes of manly dam, oxford falls, red hill and further rides in the Blue mountains (you can catch a train), Wisemans (you need a car) and other rides... I'd be willing to show you some tracks sometime aswell if you would like.

Manly Dam should be your next ride:) ;)

Ride report (and too few pictures:( ) coming of Adersons/Oaks and Wisemans ferry rides from this weekend!

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Yepers Dude ..

Hows it bro

Welcome back ..

like Bike Freak stated that is a good fefrence guide to the trails
about the place ..

alternatively click onto and they have a
maps section with good maps of Oxford Falls and Red hill both
fantastic riding of all sorts ..

and as said get a map of the Manly dam area as that's a hoot as well ..

Catch ya on the trails bra ..

G-man outy
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