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Trails in Saskatoon.

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Some trail shots along the river in Saskatoon.


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Nice pics, are there many trails in Saskatoon?
There's a nice system of trails running for most of both sides of the river bank through the whole city and beyond.


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There is actually some fun riding on the prairies..


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Toon town was home for 22years. Some decent trails around there. No elevation but some fast flow-ee singletrack. I live in Medicine Hat, same river and there is some great stuff here but don't let the secret get out.
What time of year are those pics? Length of riding season? Bugs? Many other riders on the trail? Types of wildlife?
Looks like Edmonton , does it get technical ? Alot of people are surprised when they see our river valley . Miles and miles of trails .
These were taken over the last couple of weekends. The only bugs that we've had to deal with so far this season are ticks, but their cycle is very nearly at an end if not already. I've brushed off a few this spring already, but they hadn't bit yet. They still kinda sick me out though.. little bastids! We do get some pretty nasty mosquitoes here too.

There's an abundance of wildlife the further out of the city you get (of course). There are some places that along the North Saskatchewan as well, that are more technical. I'm planning a day trip next weekend, so I'll post some pics after that. There are tons of deer, with the occasional moose sighting. I've seen bear tracks on a friends yard atop the North Sask. but that was once in 26 years that he's lived there.

Edmonton has a little more elevation than Saskatoon, I think, but there are some areas on the North Sask. river that have more elevation that the South that flows through Saskatoon.
Good to know - I will be visiting there real soon and may try and sneak a ride in. Any places / shops you would recommend that may rent a bike?
PM me if you wish, I'll hook you up with some friends if I can't make a ride myself. Neil or Corey at Bruce's Cycle Works might have a demo or two hanging around!! They're avid riders themselves and have got a great shop :)
Wow thanks for the post. Left Saskatoon in 96 but rode those same trails since the early 80's. I actually think I recognize some of the trails and spots in those photos. I always loved riding fast along those trails, trees breezing by your head, traction amazing on that tacky black soil. Was hoping to visit and rent a bike sometime this summer just for remembories. Thanks for the pics.
That`s cool dude . I`ve never been there but have heard you guys have a great river valley . I think you got the better of the two cities in the Sk , I`ve been to Regina and couldn`t find anything there .
Actually, just outside of Regina / Moose Jaw is Buffalo Pound Provincial park.. I have heard that there is some fantastic riding there. Infact a race dubbed "the XC8" is hosted there and it draws riders from all of the western provinces.
Gotta love the Saskatoon river bank! Just started riding last summer. I lived in Saskatoon my whole life and didn't realize how awesome our river bank was until I started riding. Now I try and hit the trails everyday in the summer! Even in the winter those trails are fun:)
There's a good bit outside of the city if you know where to go, or who to talk to. :thumbsup:


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The amazing thing to us south of Canada is the mountain bike access to national and provincial parks, where we rarely have access. After meeting Doug Eastcott and reading his guide book 'Backcountry Biking in the Canadian Rockies' I decided to find out for myself.
Riding in BC and AB Rockies, access was incredible and rides were beautiful and technical. Trails around Canmore were everywhere and endless in Banff and Jasper. Rivers and water are plentiful, unlike the desert. It's worth the trip.
Didn't the 'Drop In' crew have an episode in Saskatoon once? Drop In=MTB TV!
Duey said:
There's a good bit outside of the city if you know where to go, or who to talk to. :thumbsup:
And are you that person to ask? :)
kylebooth said:
And are you that person to ask? :)
Yeah, no kidding! Those trails look NICE! PM me if you would share the wealth. I am a courteous, respectful trail user!
two things that rock in S'toon. the river bank and the live music.

Other than that I like to stay north where it is more sand, rocks, trees and water.
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