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Trails in or around Quincy, IL?

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Headed there for the holiday this week and want to take the bike if I can ride somewhere within an hour or so.

Thanks, Patt
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Head over to Macomb and ride Spring Lake. Hit the bike shop in Macomb for directions...

If you can make it all the way over to Peoria, there's a big "turkey burn" epic ride at Indy and Dirksen Parks on Saturday at 10 a.m....

visit here and go to the "group ride" message board....

I'll shoot for Macomb. Maybe StL and hit my old favorites.

If Sat is open, I might be up for it.

Appreciate the info.

Thanks< PattD
Not a problem!! and, please, if you do have time on won't be disappointed! Indy and Dirksen are kick a$$. Both parks together sum about 35 miles of singletrack. It'll be a pretty laid back pace and there will be a couple opportunities to bow out and head back to the lot if time is tight.
I'm currently living and working on trails there. I have some at south park and some north across from the bob bangert park and in gardner park, with plans for future expansions. To get to the trails at south park, go south past the shelter on the road. Pretty soon you'll notice a large, open area. go in there. Some trails are found there, but the good trails are on the other side of the stream. Cross in the open area and get to the other open area with a steep hill. Go up it and follow the tree line. Eventually, you'll notice the trails. There are really only around 3 trails here, so go to the north end if you need an hour taken up. These trails are still in construction and aren't in a full circuit yet.
The trails at the North end take a longer time. The entry is at 5th street between the railroad tracks and the bridge across the stream by Parker Heights Park. The entry is close to the stream and starts out with gravel. When you get to the turning point at the stream, turn left. The trail will go nearly to 2nd street, but you'll need to cross the stream and get across the creek. Under the railroad bridge, go in the sewage overflow pipe(I'm not sure if it's flowing right now or not). It's pitch black, so bring a light or know how to feel around the pipe. When you get out, you ride up the stream for around a quarter of a mile until you see the exit(currently a grassed 6 foot wide path, but will soon be somewhere before this point. Then, go up the hill and into the park. On the southwest corner of the park, there is another trailhead. around 10 feet in, there will already be a choice of which trail to use. Pick the right trail. You will find a gravel path eventually, where you will take a left. this area of the trail hasn't been cleared out, so I will warn you of a lot of brush and a fallen tree or 2. You will come out on 2nd street near the All AMerican State park.

I'll tell you now that both trails are still being built. By next year, there could be a big sircuit on quinsippi Island, along with cleared-out trails in many more areas of the north end of town. If you want finished trails that will last you for a long time, try siloam springs. If you get the right trails, there are good singletrack trails that can hold you for a few hours. I'll be doing trail work tomorrow after 2, so I'm hoping the get the end of the unfinished section done.
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