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Trails in around Kimberley

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Going camping in Kimberley this week and would like to know of any good XC/All mountain trails?

(Regularly ride K country, Elbow valley e.g. Cox hill, Powderface, Moose Mtn etc)
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Are you staying at the city campground? If so the trails are right across the street, there is a trail network between there and the ski hill. The trails are fun but definately on the easier xc side of things. I'm not sure where you would find AM stuff. You'd have to ask around at the bike shop.

Good luck
Is there lift service at the actual ski hill for biking? My folks have a place in Kimberley and I have yet to ride up there. I lean towards the more agressive side of all mountain riding but not quite downhill or freeride so if I can ride the actual mountain that would be awesome
They are advertising that the hill is open this year, haven't ridden there for about 4 years (since it was last open) - from what I remember it was pretty basic, I wouldn't pay too much for a lift ticket there, if it is over $30 I'd hesitate... Fernie is a bit over an hour away, more of a 'natural' terrain oriented hill, lots of trails but no big drops or jumps, plus they are only open Thurs to Sun.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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