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Trails around Raleigh/Durham area

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I am going to be in the area for the last three week of August '06. I have to do some training for a new company and will probably have plenty of time to ride. I am a pretty good rider and like a challenging trails. I checked out the reviews but I would also like it if someone would be able to show me or tell me what is good to ride and what I should avoid.

Thanks in advance for any info.
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Check out
You'll be able to get all kinds of info about local trails and maybe even find a guide. Have fun!
TriangleMTB is a great website for trails, etc...
Crabtree--most convenient, just off of I-40 close to the Airport....
Harris Lake
Beaverdam/New Light
Little River
and many more great trails....

What company are you "training" with??
Thanks for the replys. I checked out the site but it says that most of the trails are closed. I suspect because of weather. Should I call the numbers before heading out to the trails?

The company is an automation company called Parata.
The front page covers the current status of all the legal local trails. We've just been bogged down in several inches of rain over the last couple of weeks and all the trails are currently closed. Once things dry up a bit, everything will reopen. We are very vigilant about riding wet soggy, trails. Calling ahead and double checking the status of the trail is never a bad idea. Have fun and good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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