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Hey all,

In the market for buying a trailer for the kids.
I see a few types of mounts out there..

Seat post

Question is.. What is the strongest, durable, most reliable mount that will not fail or do any damage to my own bike?

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I have no experience with trailers, but the axle mount seems the best to me, as that part of the bike is designed to handle significant stress. I can see the seat post possibly wallowing out the seat tube under the back and forth load from towing uphill and braking.

I've noticed Surly uses an axle mounted hitch for their trailers, which are designed for much more than just riding around the neighborhood, so I would trust their judgement.

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Anything designed for a bike will work on a bike.

The seat post attachment can get a little weird because the drag from the trailer is pulling high on the bike. I think this limits how much weight you can haul. I pulled a trail-a-bike for 5 yrs. Once she got over 60# I made her ride her own bike.

For the axle mount, as long as you are not twisting the rear triangle (typically there is a flexy connection so if you fall the trailer can stay upright) you can pull a LOT of weight.

The one that connects to the chain stay or drop-out (not axle) should be equal to that, but since it is only on one side it makes me think something is unbalanced (even if it isn't - my OCD requires symmetry ;) ).

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