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Let me know if you want to co-op on travel and Hotel.

Reno, March 4-9, 2007

This year's PTBA conference is shaping up to be the best ever! The Board is extremely excited about an excellent line-up of concurrent sessions, workshops, and cutting edge trail construction exhibits. Look for our agenda to be finalized within the next two weeks. Until then, check out some highlights below.
Session Spotlight
When to Hold 'em, When to Fold 'em: Utilizing Degraded Trails

Rolling Grade - TSP
Let's face it, you don't always have the luxury of placing a trail on the landscape exactly where it should be. More often than not, we are asked to make the best out of a less than perfect trail alignment. Should a trail be reconstructed? Should it be relocated? Or, should it be closed? This session discusses how to maximize sustainability while working with what you have.
Other great sessions that have been confirmed for this years conference include:
- Risk Management 101: Understanding the Basic Concepts
- Risk Management 102: Developing a Risk Management Plan
- Risk Management 103: Technical Mountain Bike Trail Design Theory
- Better Trails through Better Planning
- Trail Reconstruction Miracles
- State of the Art - Design/Build contracts by PTBA members
- Benefits of Trails in Private Developments
- Trails as a College Level Course
- From Concept to Completion
- Research Insights for Sustainable Trail Management
- Research Survey and Monitoring Methods
- Art and Interpretive Trails: Integration of sculpture and interpretation.

Workshop Spotlight
Introduction to Road to Trail Implementation

Trail Overlook - TSP
The venerable Don Beers and Karl Knapp will host this one-day workshop on how to make decisions on which roads to keep, which to convert into single track trails, and where to combine road removal with new trail construction to achieve sustainable trail systems.
We will discuss watershed hydrology and the impacts of roads on natural drainage patterns, understanding the relationship between topography and how proper or improper road alignments can affect the sustainable road to trail conversions, as well as road and trail planning to create comprehensive transportation management plans for recreational routes. We will also provide an introduction to methods of designing contracts for road to trail conversion and road removals.
Other great workshops that have been confirmed for this years conference include:
- The Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP)
- Trailware Workshop
- The Art and Science of Trails
- Sustainable OHV Trails: How to Design and Manage for Success

Outdoor Trade Show
You don't know its worth 'til ya move some dirt!

Movin Dirt - TD
This is the only trade show in the nation dedicated to trailbuilders and trailbuilding technology. We encourage you to spend time one-on-one with vendors as you try out their equipment at your leisure. You'll be able to try out tracked and power equipment outdoors in an unfinished parking lot next to the hotel. Take 'er for a spin in the dirt and spend as much time as you like.
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