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For those of you who enjoy the Limestone wilderness Access Days; we have two trail sessions that will help facilitate better access on those days.

Historically a large portion of Limestone Canyon closes to all uses (docent tours, maintenance, and even science access) during the nesting season, due to raptor nesting.

If we can get the Raptor trail tuned up, and get the bridge in place prior to the closure season; it will facilitate modified loops that will maintain access to the single track.

Likewise with the Shoestring Trail. Plus this particular connection link will facilitate an additional 5.75 mile loop; also giving more options to the Wilderness access Days.

Other connections will be occuring at a later date; but these current two work dates need to happen fairly soon now that the major storms (hopefully) are past.

The Raptor project will take place on Saturday the 26th of February.
We will do some light trail work, and install a 36' long bridge that we are currently fabricating.

The Shoestring project will take place on Saturday the 26th of March with similar work. Light trail work and a 40' long Bridge/Boardwalk combination.

No construction experience is necessary, and we will have most of the material pre-staged close to the work sites.

We will stage both projects at the Augustine staging area, and will transport everyone to the work sites.

Just a head's up!

Both projects are currently up on the activities page.


Look for two new trail sessions in the City of Irvine shortly.
I'll post those up as soon as the biological reviews are completed.
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