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Trail tracking on Trailforks

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I use Trailforks to track all my rides and i admit i kinda froth out on the statistics created like distances, decending, climbing and how many different trail parks visited etc. One stat i really like is how it lists what trails have been ridden on each ride which i am using as a personal progression indication towards upskilling (grade 3->4->5). Now i notice pretty much after every ride i look back at the ridelog and there will be 1 if not 2 or 3 trails that are missing from the trails ridden list. Some times they come up as a partially ridden with that little star beside(which in itself i am confused with as i tend to ride trails to their fullest ie top to bottom). The squiggly line on the ridelog map shows that the trail has been ridden yet there is no mention of it in the trails ridden list. I am using a iphone to run Trailforks(pro) so i can access the map feature when out on new trails/trailparks.
So my questions are, 1-why would trails get missed of off the ridelog? 2-Is there a better device i could be using to Trailforking with?

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I haven't noticed that issue myself. I'd suggest going to Trailforks using a PC/laptop, etc., and use the full site. That may help you find out what may be happening, and eliminate any phone app related issue.
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