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I am looking for a trail tire that measures 2.4" when mounted on a 29er rim, 24mm internal width.

I am replacing my worn out 2.4" Bontrager XR3s - these were the older generation tire, and measured 2.35" on my rims. I bought a set of the new XR3s, and while they say 2.4", they are designed for the new Bontrager Line wheels with 30mm internal width. So they only measure 2.25" on my 24mm rims.

The new XR3s are also more XC than trail. I'd like something with the tread pattern of the XR4, but the new XR4s have the same issue - the 2.4" are designed for 30mm rims, and measure narrow on 24mm rims.

Any recommendations on trail tires that measure a true 2.4" when mounted on 24mm rims?

FWIW - I think the bead-to-bead width of the tire needs to be about 155mm...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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