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Trail Options for GJ area and Breck

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I'll be visiting some family next week in breck. I'll be driving up from Utah on the 24th arriving in GJ/Fruita early afternoon and be planning on camping somewhere close or in town in a campground. My wife doesn't feel like ruffing it out at a trailhead so my options are somewhere with bathrooms and designated campgrounds. I can ride that evening and the next morning for a few hours before heading up to Breck till the 29th . I know people have all sorts of ideas on what to ride because this sucks that ill only be able to do 2 loops. One on the 24th and one the morning of the 25th. So what would be a good choice? 18road/kokapelli/lunch loops? Ideas would be great!
Then off to breck between visiting fam I can squeeze in a few rides 4-5 loops near town around 1-3 hours each. over the next couple days. I've messed around bakars tank last year and had fun. I'm from southern Utah and i ride a lot of fast technical terrain. I picture myself riding lots of fast flowy singletrack on a narrow ribben cut in the trees would be awesome! I can handle mostly any kind of riding I just hope the altitude doesnt kill me. coming from 3000-6000ft might be tuff but It's worth it if I can fly back down.
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moore fun/horsetheif or the lunch loops.
K ill check out lunch loops for GJ and im thinking about riding a good part of colorado trail from breck as an out and back. If i feel like it I will head over to keystone. Is there any shuttle runs for some awesome singletrack descents in breck that I could get dropped off of?
hoped to have a better response then this.....? Nobody on this forum has anymore info for breck?
Park up near peak 7 and drop down the peak to peak trail to gold hill. Take gold hill down (east) and over to tiger run. Climb tiger run and follow the colorado trail to montazuma. Come back down the colorado trail to the back bowls of Keystone and ride the fire rodes to the front where there is some great downhill. From the bottom of the front side of keystone take the paved path out toward Dillon and head to summit cove. Ride through summit cove to the south side and you will find single track (stump something or other) that will dump you out near tiger run. If you have anything left in the tank take a right and ride the path to frisco and then climb the peak to peak trail back to peak 7.

Another fun one is to ride up peak 2ish near a campground and climb to the top. From there you can cross the ridges of 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and then take devils crotch up between 9 and 10 and drop down to copper. Then ride the path back to frisco.

Or the flume trails if you want something short.

Or start on Boreas and ride up to the tanker trail and play up there all day and you can eventually drop in to French creek and take the flume to the park and then ride back to your car.

O, and as my GJ friends say, Fruita SUCKS!!!
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Check out Rabbit Valley...

Exit #2 just after you get into Colorado from Utah is Rabbit Valley.

Western Rim is a must ride loop on your schedule.

-Toilet facilities, no showers or running water.
-approximately 15 min to Fruita to get supplies.
-some people like or dislike the shared access with moto's Never been a problem for us, they want to be outside as bad as we do.

Link to Western Rim

If you want more info, we are happy to help!
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I LOVED the colorado trail in the west ridge area from tiger rd to summit cove and back. Thought it was funny that I went to 3 bike shops and none of them even steered me to that trail. I had to get a local to show me around. The free local brochure the bike shops have didn't help. I had to buy a "summit county map" for $15 and it was worth it. Anyways I loved it! pics...


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I've only ridden GJ a couple times (Ribbon - Lunch area) and it was pretty fun. A bit techy for me in places, but nothing I couldn't avoid (as my travel partners did 10 ft drops and I found the trails around such stuff.)

Breck is where I live and there are infinite choices up here. I personally prefer the West Ridge (CO trail) from Middle Fork up the CO and then back down to the Dredge TH (I think it was previously mentioned to ride up from the Dredge.) You can also hit tons of fun stuff from the Dredge TH. If you want more climbing, find French Gulch (road) on the map, follow that road up to Little French (tough climb), and then you can fire down a flume trail to Lincoln Meadow. Many trails back in this area as well. Peaks trail is always fun, although I prefer riding it from Frisco to Breck...don't know why really, I just like that route even though it's more uphill. If you want a real breathtaking ride (as it has great views and spends a lot of time above treeline) you can ride up Peak 9 to Wheeler trail, then stay right on Miner's Creek Trail which will dump you out in Frisco (decent amount of hike-a-bike on some of the upper sections, and it's probably longer than 3 hours, unless you're REALLY fast...even then probably 4.5+) If you start up Baker's Tank and then stay right rather than descending left (the right is how the Firecracker 50 goes), you can get to some fun stuff (check out the map for the Firecracker 50 and you'll see Pinball Alley as well as Nightmare on Baldy...and on the later part of the loop Barney Ford and Moonstone, which you may have ridden in the past.) Best quick ride, at least one of my favorite quickies, is the Flumes trails. They start near the 7-11 on the south end of town (actually just above the recycling center.) Can loop the Upper/Middle/Lower in about 30 minutes...repeat as desired.

Hope some of this is helpful.
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"Peaks trail is always fun, although I prefer riding it from Frisco to Breck...don't know why really, I just like that route even though it's more uphill"

Now that your xc bike is basically a mini-dh bike you will start to prefer Peaks Trail from Breck to Frisco!
shelbster15 said:
Is there any shuttle runs for some awesome singletrack descents in breck that I could get dropped off of?
Not much shuttling done around Breck. (thank god) Tons of great loops right from town. Do a search, lot's of info here.
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