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Hanna Park and your off road biking club need you. This coming Sunday, March 13, we will be hosting our first official trail maintenance day. I am a bit worried because we only have a few people who have signed up, and of the folks who have signed up, most of them are SORBA Jax board members (the board members have dedicated a ton of their personal time to the club already). The club is asking you to donate 3 hours of your time to get the trails that YOU ride in better condition. If you are not interested in doing the actual trail stuff you can help run either the check in table or the membership table. You can register at, click on "forums" then look for the forum titled "Maintenance". We have a shift from 9-12 and a shift from 1-4. Even if you can only come out for an hour it would be much appreciated.

You do NOT have to be a SORBA Jax member to participate
You do NOT have to sign up ahead of time, but it would be much appreciated
If you have been meaning to join SORBA Jax, bring $30 and you can join on site
Bring hand tools like pruning sheers, wheels barrows, bow saws,and rakes. Trash bags would be awesome. Also, if you have walkie talkies bring them (write your name on them).
Bring water for yourself

Hope to see you out ther
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