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Looking for advice on seeking funding for a trail project.

I have the opportunity to construct a new trail system in my area. I'm no stranger to trail design, organizing, etc., but I will be on unfamiliar territory in terms of funding the project. All of my past projects have been 100% funded by our bike club. While the club will likely donate some money, I'll need to seek additional funds elsewhere.
The project won't require a giant budget. This is almost "rake & ride" trail building, so there won't be much of a need for mechanized equipment. The parking lot infrastructure is already there. The main expenses will be bridges and signage.

I'm planning on seeking funding from several sources:

1. I'll be working with a land manager that currently has a parks & rec department, so I'll request a part of their parks & rec budget be apportioned to the new trail system. It would be great if they fund the project entirely, and I can stop here, but I'm not holding my breath.

2. I will seek sponsorships from local businesses. My thoughts were recognizing the donors on the trailhead information booth. Also maybe have a business sponsor a bridge, and put there name on it. Any other ideas on ways to attract business sponsors?

3. Come to a "volunteer hours for funds" agreement with the land manager. It seems like a great deal for the land manager and trail users... Good trails = Good volunteer turnout = more funding and vice versa. Anyone have any experience with this kind of arrangement?

4. Trail Grants from various sources. IMBA affiliated, Federal RTP money, etc.

Any and all ideas are appreciated.


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Sounds like a great plan...

1. They could have a sign dept too. If you can provide photoshop cmyk files for the signs it can streamline things a lot.

2. You can put a business logo on signage too if you get digitally printed signs like Fossil Industries makes. Business/private money is easier to spend if you are doing the work yourself.

3. Trail patrols might be another volunteer offering... could affect LM insurance rates.

4. We once got a grant from a SoCal mtb club that rode our New Mexico trails... they were the nicest folks.

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