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Went to Sherando/Big Levels yesterday to get some miles in. Was planning on doing an out and back on Coal Rd. - from the Mills Creek trailhead to the Jeep road. Unfortunately Coal Rd. is in a state of thaw still. Ice pack exists in the center and along each side. Where the vehicle groove is, gravel was exposed, but you could tell it was frozen underneath a half inch layer of slush/water. Everything was thawing out and it was basically a mess. I ended up riding the road to the state park, then road around the state park some until heading back. Inside the park the road is gated closed shortly after the first check-in/fee point. The road that leads to the lower lake is open. Beyond the gate, the road that leads up the hill to the campground and upper lake is plowed only 8' wide. A few hikers were venturing into the park this way as was I.

As far as off-road, snow still existed everywhere, not just on north facing slopes. Even the open fields alongside the drive in from 64 were snow covered yet. With this rain this morning, snow will be melting faster, but things are going to be sloppy for quite some time. Yeah Sherando has sections with rock and/or rocky soil, but those are connected up with sections of organic soil that I'm sure will be mucky for quite awhile.

Best thing to hope for is all the snow melts, then catch a ride when temps are below freezing (early AM) to catch the trails/roads in a hard rideable condition.

It's going to take several weeks for conditions to improve, that is if we get little to no precipitation.

I can only imagine what the stream crossings look like on Mills Creek right now!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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