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Trail conditions in the Springs

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Just wondering what the current trail conditions are in the Springs?


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I think everything is good if the temps are below 27 degrees. If it's warmer than that, Palmer Park and Ute will probably have a decent amount of muddy sections (please avoid), but Cheyenne Canyon should be rideable.
Most of Cheyenne Canon is good to go (Stratton, Chutes. Columbine, Buckhorn, etc.). Jacks is doable but slow going in spots, especially just after High Dr. There is a good collection of ice patches under the packed snow; all avoidable. Things will be today and in the mornings this weekend but slushy in the afternoon.

Palmer and Ute are really fun right now but will turn to soup tomorrow. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm thinking I may head down to Pueblo on Sunday instead. Sounds like the trails are in better shape. Where to go....... decisions, decisions.

Any idea of how Cheyenne Mountain will be for sunday?
Cheyenne Mt SP and the Canon will be good in the morning, just patches of ice to watch for. I'm guessing that by noon it will start to get sloppy down low and slushy higher up.
Rode AFA Falcon today and was fantastic. Very little ice. Just packed snow and tacky dirt. All because it's been cold all week. If wanna ride it, get your riding by 10:30am. I could see many sections getting very soupy with warmer forecast.
I rode Cheyenne Mtn. State Park today after the running race this morning. Sundance to Talon and both North and South Talon loops. The Talon loops were mostly snow packed with some muddy sections later in the day on the descent.

Upper loops have had minimal use so they are marginally packed snow and a tough hump on the climbs. Would definately recommend Pueblo as the trail conditions down there were dry as of last week.:thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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