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Trail conditions in northern Indiana?

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Can someone give me some updated conditions on say Outback, Rum Village, Potato Creek... ect? I would like to make a trip up that way this weekend and don't want to waste the time.
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Those trails are a little West of me, so I can't say for sure. The region has had quite a bit of rain last week. Considering Winona was muddy on Saturday, I would suspect other area trails are a bit wet.

NIMBA would have the most up to date information. I've seen a few people post here from North West Indiana so someone else should chime in.
Another place to check is here:

There was a decent amount of rain last week in South Bend. It's finally starting to dry out, but I have not made it over to the trails after work to see how the trails are doing yet.

Potato seems to have a few spots that'll stay slick after it rains, but there was maint there last weekend. Rum's so packed down that it'll dry out a bit better than Potato, but watch the roller coaster after a rain. Even if it's dry, the sand will migrate to the bottom after a rain.

I'd say watch the radar for tomorrow & depending if we get hit with thunderstorms. Forecast has it at a 40% chance. If it isn't too heavy, or misses the area entirely - it'll be fine. And even if Rum and Potato get rain, TK Lawless in Michigan's just over the border too.

I just got back from two weeks in Alaska and had my first ride back in the Chicago area this morning. It was muuudddy and so hot I thought I was going to melt.
My home trail is The Outback , we had our group ride on Wed. and there were some slick spots. There is rain predicted check our website at for updates.
As of yesterday, IG was in good shape...Trails were fast and ridable!
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