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Trail Blazing??

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Thanks again to all who helped me find my bike. Now onto the next question. I live on about 300 acres of family farm in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia about 1/3 of which is wooded and hilly. So I have out my backdoor access to a 2.75 mile private trail (I call most of it a fire lane because that's why we built it, but it's used today more of as an ATV trail or what folks here would call double track I think, not very technical roots and a few downed trees to ride over).

For now it's great fun because it's wide enough to let me learn how to climb steep hills on loose sandstone and leaves. The climb starts as soon as I leave my yard and feels steep to me (270 feet in 1/2 mile - most of the climb is in the last 1/3). I can now make it the top peddling, but not without a couple of rest stops so my lungs and legs don't explode. For now it's great fun and I can start riding as quickly as I can get the bike out of the garage. But, I've gone to a few public single track trails in the area and had a blast. It's just difficult to get there fast enough during the week to get much riding done after work, so I know one day soon I'm going to want to start blazing my own trails.

I'm just looking for advice ahead of time. How does one go about creating a single track trail? Should I even bother or just ride through wherever I can, since for the foreseeable future I'll likely be the only user. No worries about getting permits, my family owns the land. As long as I don't go out during hunting season or cut any fences and let the cows out, no one will care what I'm doing. Any words of advice would be appreciated.

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Lee, try the trail building and advocacy forum. You'll get all kinds of helpful advice and requests for access to your land.

300 acres of hilly wooded private property to build trails on? There are trail builders who would kill for that. You're safe from me, I'm too far away.
IMBA has a ton of articles about trail building on their web site.
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