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Trade up, or build up?

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I've been riding the bejeepers out of my Hardrock Comp for the last year and a half, and I've been happy with it. But I really wish it had disks. Some better quality hardware would be nice too.

So, my choice is between buying wheels and disks etc. for $350-400, or trading up to a better model. The economics seem to favor upgrading what I've got, but let's say I also upgrade a few more components like forks, etc. Would it be wise to add higher-quality components to what is basically a low-end bike, or should I just start over and drop $800-1000 or more on a new bike?
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Id say going either ways has its own advantages. Id say its all about how much you like the frame and some of the major components. If you like the frame id say upgrade some parts to what u want because u ll never find a bike with all the components u like. But if you find a bike that you really like trade because it is cheaper to buy a bike than build one even if ur just upgrading some parts. This time of year is good to buy a new bike because most 04 models r on sale.
This is all up to you there is no wrong way id say
the other advantage of building on to what you have is that when you do want to get a new bike you can just transfer your components on to your new frame
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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