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Trade Superlight frame for my BlurLT frame?

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I've got an '08 Blur LT (not LT 2) with Fox 32 Vanilla 140 fork in excellent condition that is total overkill for the riding I'm doing now and I'd be interested in trading the frame and fork for a current generation Superlight frame and similar fork. It's a large frame in Orange powder coat, with RP23 shock and the shock and fork legs have been treated with Finishline Stanchion Lube. I assembled the bike in late September of '08 and it has at most 300 light duty miles on it and everything is in great shape.
If you've got a large Superlight frame and fork and might be interested in a trade you can reply here or PM me and we can discuss the possibilities.

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damn thats a deal and a half, but you wouldnt be interested in my old Superlight.....
I've already got a really early model Superlight frame, but there are some deep gouges in the downtube and I don't know if it'd be safe to ride, plus I'd like one with the newer pivots.
Sorry, it'd have to be a large.
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