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I've got a brand new, uncut Rock Shox Reba Race (silver) w/ poploc that I would like to trade for a White Brothers BW .8 or BW 1.0. Obviously I would like the WB to be in new or like new condition.

Anybody interested???

PM me.

I realize that the RS is about $450 and the WB is a little more. Let's work something out...

I've got a new Exiwolf to throw in if your WB fork is new. :cool:

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endure26 said:
I gotta ask....why? Aren't the Reba's supposed to ride much better than the WB? I ask this question because I am about ready to start putting my Dean together. I haven't bought the fork yet, but was leaning towards the Reba.
Maybe I'm high, but I like the idea of:

1. American made
2. Lighter
3. Simpler (going on a SS)

Not necessarily in that order...

Where's Toto?
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Thanks. I was also thinking about the ability to take cantilevers - I like having the option of running either. Kinda goes hand in hand with lighter and simpler.

Any idea how the flex and actual suspension action compares between the two?

The Reba's seem to be available (at least from Speedgoat), any idea how availability is on the WB?
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