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I have a '98 Heckler Large that I'd trade for a SS or road bike. I am 6" with a 32-33" inseam. The frame is scratched but without any dents or cracks. Decals removed. I am 38 and never drop more than a 6" curb. I don't race. Right now it's my commuter bike as I have a new Intense 5.5.

Parts new in late '02:
Complete Santa Cruz pivot/bearing kit
RS Duke 100mm fork
Fox Float rear air shock (no lockout or RB control)
XT Rear derailleur
Gripshift twist shifters
XTR cassette
XTR hubs/Maverick Ceramic Rims
XT bottom bracket (square taper)
Thompson stem
Monkeylite 1" riser bars
Titec seatpost
New Ride-on gore cables

Parts from '00
Avid Arch Rival 50 brakes
XT chainrings
WTB titanium rail seat (can't recall name -- the popular one)

Original parts:
White bros cranks
LX front derailleur -- these work fine but could probably use updating

The frame looks beat up, but is functionally perfect. I keep it ugly to avoid theft on NYC streets. All the parts that wear out were replaced.
I'd consider trades for a SS or road bike (57-58cm) or hardtail. Would trade the Heckler plus cash depending on what is offered.
Thanks! If there's any interest in this, I'll take pictures of the bike.
yahoojess-1 at yahoo dot com

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Huh?? FYI, Jess can be both a girls' and guys' name. But I digress. How about the Heckler? No takers? Someone out there must be getting tired of their SS and secretly desiring 4" of travel and 27" speeds... don't be ashamed. Maybe it's time to get in touch with your feminine side. And no, I am NOT a girl (not that there's anything wrong with that).
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