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I'm new to the world of fixed gear riding (ie, never done it). I just got a wheel built with an eccetric eno hub. On one side will go my freewheel and on the other my track hub. So i just went to my LBS and picked up a surly track hub and a lockring. Then I happened to look at Speedgoat's website re: the surly track hub and it says this:

"Surly track cogs are threaded the same as a BMX freewheel (1.37 x 24tpi right-hand threads). This means that they will fit on single-speed rear hubs, as well as BMX freewheel hubs, but this application is not recommended. Track cogs are meant to work on track hubs only."

One side of the eccentric hub is a "track hub" true? Is there anything wrong with my setup?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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