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Tracer VP size?

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My bike is SC Blur LT size s.VPP is a great system but the new generation VPP is better,right?Compared with the new Blur LT,new Nomad and Tracer VP,I think I won't make my new bike a SC.They all have NO water bottle bosses.

I'm 5' 7 height and now my bike is Blur LT size s,Thomson inline seatpost,raceface evovle xc stem 90mm.I think it's easy controlled but a little small for my riding and climbing.Which size should I choose for my new Tracer?S or M?Thank you
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Intense Size

Comparing the two bikes, our small has a TT of 22" while the Blur LT is 21.5. This may be the extra 1/2 inch that you are looking for in TT length. You are right on the cusp of a small or medium....though leaning towards the small . I would look at the geometry numbers of the both of the bikes, and decide on that. The best case would be if you are able to locate a complete bike to size yourself up on. I hope that this helps!! Thank you for considering an Intense for your next ride!!
I'm in China mainland and it seems unnecessary for me to locate a demo bike....Or fit caculator at may help?In fact,I considered size m, just because the m size toptube's shape is more sexy....
Same question

I'm also around 5'7" (inseam around 32") and would probably prefer a medium. Is the seat-tube measurement Centre-Centre or Centre-Top? What is the standover height for Small and Medium built-up bikes? Grateful for any advice, not likely to be able to try or see a complete bike here in the UK.
PADI R - if you speak to the UK importer, Extra UK, they can tell you which dealers have access to their Intense demo fleet, and yep, it involves fully built up Tracers.
a while back they had the full range out at Cwm Carn for an Intense demo day...

Singletrack and Guy Kesteven at What MTB both loved the Tracer...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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