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Sunday morning was pretty cold. Around 0F... The air was crisp and the sun was out... Almost not a cloud in the sky. We met over at Dan's place (Race Director). The group would consists of Dan and his friend Patrick. 2 Brothers who both have won the Jay Challenge before, Seb (a rider from VeloEpic who's doing the race) and me.

Different people, different bikes. Dan just received the Surly Pugsley with the large marge rims and tires... Felt like floating on water.... Great ride! Patrick had Dan's Salsa singlespeed with 2.4in tires. The brothers had a wonderful gizmo attached to their wheel... They built a ski to replace the front wheel that gives them incredible control (and confort) on the snow. Impressive stuff! I really liked the feeling of it all! I was running my 29er singlespeed with skinny 2.1 tires... Let's just say that i had the toughest workout of the bunch! (My 2.2 Nevegal should arrive on Tuesday... too late!)

We started at aid station no.2 in Newport Center. We rolled on the road for 2min and then we got right into the snowmobile track... Impressive! It was my first time riding snowmobile trails and i got to like it! At first it was harsh because we started a climb that only Dan on the Pugsley could handle... But 5 min into it, we were just cruising... Snowmobilers have been warned that some mountain bikers would be on the trails so they were all really friendly and always slowed down while passing or crossing us. Thanks!

In all, we did just a bit over 13 miles of riding in the snow... It was hard but lot of fun!

What i've learned:
- If you see any sings of vegetation or dirt, aim for it!
- The climbing side of the trail is always easier to pedal then the downhill one... During the race, stick to your right while climbing and to the left when going down a hill.
- Sometimes walking isn't a bad thing... Instead of mashing on the pedals, walk... You'll preserve your energy!
- Big tires and low pressure really help! Don't go with anything less then 2.2. Spikes are not necessary. Use flat pedales and warm boots... A lot better then winter riding shoes!

For all of you out there who'll do the race: You'll have a blast!

I'll have a few pictures and videos tonight!
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