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I remember reading about a town owned mountain biking area near Rutland. I think it was between Rutland and Killington, it sounded like a central/southern VT version of Kingdom Trails. One particular thing I remember reading about was a pretty elaborate bridge the trail builders built. I'd like to find out where this is and go for a weekend.

I know, not much to go on, but I'm hoping someone here will know what I'm talking about and steer me in the right direction.

Never mind, typing bridge jogged my memory, I added bridge to my search terms and came up with Pinehill Park.

David B.

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You got it!

They used to be my home trails before I move to Burlington. Fast and buffed is right on. The place is meticulously kept and drains better than a kitchen sink. It's totally different than Kingdom Trails. Much more confined area, but a lot packed in. Find it and have fun. I will always miss that place! :thumbsup:
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