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Tourne Cache

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Sup MTB Peeps?

I hope to go to The Tourne and MTB soon. As an added feature, I'm gonna try out Geocaching. I loaded this one to my PN-40

It looks like its near a trail that starts before the Main entrance at McCaffery.

40.912117 -74.432083

The Tourne Woods Cache is located in Tourne Park, Boonton, and is one of New Jersey's, The Garden State's gems.

Currently embracing 546.9 acres, including a wildflower trail with nearly 250 species of native plants.

The highlight of a trip to Tourne Park continues to be the view from the top, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the New York City skyline.

Besides offering hiking trails, traversing hills strewn with huge granite boulders, there are picnic sites, equestrian trails, ball fields, and in the winter, cross-country skiing.
post back or pm if you want to try geocache mtb in north jersey, imho it adds an extra dimension to mtbing:thumbsup:
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Its not much of trail. It runs from the lot parallel to McCaffery and kind of dead ends before powerville rd. From the lot you will encounter some large rocks/boulders that are mossy and slick. Most likely not rideable. My secrete bonus loop a few years back, was to exit the tourne on McCaffery and ride through the shopping center with Kings supermarket. Across the street there is a park that runs parallel to the river. On the south side (right side) there is trail with several dirt jumps that ends down by the train station. You can loop around and come back on the north side, but it was always somewhat overgrown and hard to find the trail back. First you have to ride up main street and turn left after the theatre on your right. For a double bonus, you can also cross Denville Rd. and there is a park along the river with a short rail trail. I think the trail dead ends at a green house or factory. It is really lame, but I'll take every mile I can get.
Thanks for the info about the extra mileage. IMHO MTBing @ Tourne needs it as the basic loop is about 5 or 6 miles, so any extra is appreciated.

This cache is actually closer to in between Scott Dr and the Top of Torne Rd. I just remembered it looks like it might be near the part when you come down from T.O.T (clockwise), there's a gate area on the left that say's 'NO MTB'. That's the thing I hate about the geocaches, there usually not w/mtber in mind and placed where just getting near the thing is the main feature. I went to one geocache so far and it was on the banks of a snowy saddle river, wtf i coulda slid in so I bailed. Next time I go to TOurne I'll check this Cache out:thumbsup:

Here's the topo from a ride a did early in the morning and I parked at the end of McCaffery at the Bank

I hope to check out nearby pyramid mtn, but w/o the mtb (trail run), there's actually some geocaches up aroung pyramid too:thumbsup:
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you are missing a lot

Oh, no. The Tourne is 11-14 miles without doing the bonus loops. You are missing the secrete climb by the lake and the down hill under the abandon tow rope. There are 2 trails off of the top as well that give you some extra climbing+some great technical. Actually you are missing 50%-60% of what the tourne has to offer. I'll dig up a .gpx and some maps and post back maybe today or next week when I get back from AZ. 72 degrees is calling

When you do pyramid, go across the street and hit turkey mnt. Turkey is a lot better for running. By better, I mean less ankle twisting rock and more trail for hammering.

Why are you the only person posting? Where are the jersey riders?
Tourne map

Got it. Here is my loop and .gpx. It does repeat some, but it gives a great feel for what the Tourne has to offer


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Tourne Today

Thanks for the gpx. I think I'll load it into my Delorme pn-40 and try and follow note for note. I loaded the GeoCache for tourne today and came within 1.5 ft of the thing, just too much snow and I had just taken a spill on the ice coming down the top of tourne path as it was very icey today:(

Here's what the 1st lot looked like today

here's the garmin, which is the 5 mile loop i been doing more or less. The geocache is near another path that heads out toward Scott drive as you come down t.o.t. clockwise. It's before the gated no mtb zone:thumbsup:

Thanks again for the gpx, I loaded it into topo 8 and downloaded it to the pn-40. That's my next ride:thumbsup:

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leave off the mini loop that crosses old booton rd. That is now just overgrown grass and boggy mud. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Enough for XC Skiing?
I think i been x-c skiing 3 times this year. IMHO not enough snow for tourne today. I'm gonna try that straight path sometime

mdr 2 weeks ago

saw 3 x-c skiers this day

tourne 3 or 4 weeks ago had more snow then today

i like tourne w/some snow, it almost feals like downhill skiing
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