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Tourist Club on Mt. Tam

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Does anyone know the trails(s), easier the better to get to the Tourist Club in Mill Valley/Mt. Tam/Muir Woods Area?

Looking for something to do when I cannot ride my bike :madman:, and what better than hiking to a place to drink beer! :thumbsup:
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I was there last Sunday

Perfect sunny day, drank some Trumer Pils, some type of Helles, Adventus, and a bunch of other bottles that I don't remember.

Good times.

To get there, start at the Dipsea trailhead on Panoramic Hwy (not too far from Mtn Home Inn)... as I recall it's 0.8 miles on the trail.
thanks! I got a map out and looked at google maps. I can drive up Panaraomi Highway and park Ridge Rd. and it looks like a short walk.

Are they serving beer this weekend? know they dont post hours, phone numbers, etc.
I think you need to park on Panoramic

I dont think you can park on Ridge, but I may be wrong. The Dipsea crosses Panoramic near Bayview street.
some side streets off Panaraomic I can park off or just try to look for Bayview, thanks for the advice. Damn beer and mt tam is one cool idea. Hope the weather is nice.

and John 100 year old one toothed members...haha cracks me up.

edit: 2-6 pm on Weekends if anyone cares, 415-388-9987
Brah said:
I dont think you can park on Ridge, but I may be wrong. The Dipsea crosses Panoramic near Bayview street.
I haven't been there for years, but there used to be a parking lot on Ridge which held plenty of cars. Then it's just a walk down a steep driveway from there to the Tourist Club. They've built a few new houses back there since my last visit, so maybe the parking rules have changed too. :confused: It is a nice short hike if you park in the lot across from Mtn Home Inn though and hike the singletrack which parallels Panoramic.
Last week, when I was cycling along the Panoramic Highway, I observed a number of turnouts along Panoramic Highway where you can park your vehicle, and it is quite near where the Dipsea Trail crosses (1/4 to 1/2 mile). I seen a number of vehicles parked there. Didn't see any no parking signs nor did I observe any parking tickets on the windshields of the vehicles.

Hope this helps. :)
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