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Okay, I knew it was early. Crosstown trail is still loaded. West Leg has two feet of snow just past the Boy Scout lodge driveway. There were three feet of snow at Still Creek Campground down by Summit Meadows! We never went over to the Glacier View snopark to check out the Pioneer Bridle trail (I skiied a good part of it just a month ago.)

We ended up riding from Camp Crk CG to Still Crk rd. Poked around on the Glade and West Leg above Govt Camp, looking for a put-in but with all the snow we decided riding back down Still Crk rd would be more fun than Hwy 26 to wherever we could connect to the PBT. Not too thrilling, but a very scenic and cool cruise with all the streams being so full.

We've done this tour in May before, all the way to T-line and back. Not this year!
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