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I am not the formal creator of this little event but thought I would pass it on. If you have a facebook account you can check it out here. :thumbsup:

This is not a ride for beginners. It will challenge your cardio fitness, strength, endurance, and technical skills. It should be a BLAST!

Meet at 9am at the southernmost ramada at the Pima Canyon entrance to South Mountain.

Head southwest on Desert Classic to the water tower at the top of Equestrian/Kachina.
After the water tower, branch off (to the right) and take Not-So-Secret Trail.
Right again at the end of Secret Trail to Corono de Loma.
From the saddle at Corona de Loma head back down to Desert Classic and hang a right.
Pass the bench and a couple ~technical arroyos.
Left (south) towards the ridgeline approach to the Helipad.
Pause at the Helipad. Take the goat trail (north) back to Desert Classic.
Left onto Desert Classic (west).
Continue on Desert Classic out to Telegraph Pass.
Hike-a-bike up Telegraph Pass.
Hang a left onto National Trail (west).
This is some of the prettiest trail I've ever ridden.
Take National to San Juan (where it ends).
Now, cheat: Take the road back to Central Ave and then canals back to the 46th St entrance to Javelina Trail.
Take Javelina and then the East Loop back to the Pima Canyon parking area.

Depending on how many and who rides this could take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Distance? I don't know, maybe 40 miles? I'll carry a GPS and tell you after the ride.

Bring as much sports drink as you can carry, energy bars, cell phone, first aid kit, tools, pump, patch kit, tube, etc.
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