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Tour de France Urban Ride - Thursday July 22nd

This is a night that bikers dream of, come out and enjoy an urban assault through DC, for all skill levels, followed with watching Stage 17 (which will be one of the toughest mountain stages) at McFaddens (2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20037 - (202) 223-2338). MORE, OLN & DC101 have teamed together to deliver a great night of biking, prizes and some healthy competition, don't be the only one to miss out!

If you've ever had a hankering to watch people jump off loading docks, ride on narrow railings, lots of other random dumb stuff that makes you grin from ear to ear and last but not least 'bomb' some secret steps cough cough… (easy fellas, that just means ride down, in bike speak), can't forget you'll get the absolute best view of the Watergate hotel, that is far more interesting than any history class can teach you! This will be a no pressure fun ride, any bike you have is fine, just make sure you bring a helmet!

Check out the MORE website for additional info, or shoot me an email.

Let's meet at McFaddens and be ready to ride by 6:30, see you there.

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