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Toulousse / Albi France - Riding Opportunities ?

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Im off on Monday for 3 weeks work - Where can I ride ?

Steep and fast, Pyrenees perhaps ?

TIA :thumbsup:
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jerky - can't believe it....i need details as im off on monday for 3 weeks !
I'll check with my gf where she rides out there. Send me an email through the email link on my profile. We'll try to connect on getting you info on locations and such. Don't be surprised if it becomes a situation where she only remembers how to get their when we're actually in the car :)

It's supposed to be pretty hot there right now.

Bring extra bike parts, like pads and other crap. My gf has already had problems out there and the shops suck.

By the way, do you know if France requires the hazard shield for the bike rack on the back of the car?
no idea - i'm getting a hire car so will just drop the seats and rag the t1ts off it :D
So what's the scheduling update on this? It could be possible we'll head into Andorra also, just for sight-seeing along the way.

As far as the hazard shield goes- France doesn't require it, but Italy, Spain, and Switzerland do.

Hopefully I get the parts to complete my Float 36 conversion! I got the Float stuff, I just need my damn U-cup and bottom nutfrom the distro. I don't mind the Z1, but it's still in tuning, and I don't want to ride a fork I have to get to know that much out there, even though the Float might take some getting to know as well... I also wanted to bring a spare along.

Hope has also sent me out a new freehub, which I'm waiting on. I already have my 819/DT340 mounted up, but I'd like to have my wheel to use (on a 5.1 rim), along with bringing one spare. Can't say anything bad about the 340 hub, except that it's a QR.

And on top of that, I have a cold, mild sinus infection, and mild lung infection. I'm hoping to kick it, but these have been pretty severe in the past. All down to the wire!
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i'm outta here tomorrow !
42 deg c and getting hotter - looking forward to getting home to the scottish conditions :)

It is probably to late, but anyway...

Click on the region of your choice and choose the bike spots nearest to you.
You'll get extra information on the spot...


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